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Logistics & Transportation

Specimen Management is essential to any study, but how the sample is controlled in transit is also of equal importance to any project. Due to this level of importance, LegalSafe maintains its own dedicated transportation vehicles for the transit of client samples. This service is offered throughout the contiguous United States. Additional to our standard shipping solutions, LegalSafe offers fully customizable Cold Chain Logistics Solutions to our clients.


LegalSafe maintains its own fleet

LegalSafe understands that there are many options for controlled transportation of our client’s products, but we feel that in many cases this is an integral part of the storage process. LegalSafe has its own vans that can pick up client samples anywhere within the USA and transport them to our facility or a third party site.


At Pickup

Prior to transit, the client samples are designated a unique ID number. This can be assigned by LegalSafe or if the client has existing sample ID, these can be specified. At this point, these unique ID’s are entered into the LegalSafe Sample Monitoring System and the client is given a secure login to this system. When the samples are picked up, they are scanned and the client is able to track them from the moment we take control of the samples at your facility.

During Transit

During transit, the client is able to login to the Sample Monitoring System (Online & Secure) and is able to track the samples in near real-time while in transit to the LegalSafe facility. This is done by use of a GPS device that is assigned specifically to the client’s samples. If there is a change of plan during the transportation process, LegalSafe is able to contact the LegalSafe employee and make those changes immediately.

Samples are transported in LegalSafe validated packages that are temperature monitored and logged during the transportation process. Package type and size vary depending on whether the samples are being stored for Biorepository services, ICH Stability Testing or other services required by our clients.

At LegalSafe Site

Receiving Shipment

Once the package is delivered to the LegalSafe facility, the samples are received and logged in to the system, placed in their applicable storage chambers and all logged temperature journey data is entered into the system and fully downloadable for the client.

Transit back to client or other designated third party

Transit back to client or other designated third party

When the samples are to be returned to the client or client designated destination, LegalSafe offers the exact same services as when the samples are picked up. i.e. The client is able to see near real-time tracking of the samples as well as is able to download the logged data for the duration of the journey.