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Leave Evidence Storage to the Experts

LegalSafe personnel fully understand the vital requirements of securing your evidence, be it biological, pharmaceutical, or chemical. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities feature controlled temperature and humidity levels, and are FDA regulated and fully cGMP compliant. We follow strict adherence to 64 Standard Operating Procedures.

LegalSafe uses the highest quality equipment across all temperature and humidity conditions. Equipment features stainless steel internal construction and is manufactured in America, with spare parts on site (and readily available in the USA). LegalSafe offers the most accurate storage rooms available in the industry, with typical accuracy of +/- 1°C and +/- 2% RH uniformity.

Types of Storage

  • Controlled Room Temperature
  • Refrigerated Storage (2-8C)
  • Freezer Storage (-20C)
  • Ultra-Low Freezer Storage (-80C)
  • Cryogenic Storage (-150C and below)
  • Custom Stress Testing temperatures