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Chain of Custody & Documentation

Our extensive experience with over 140 law firms ensures compliance to all court-ordered protocols and strict client/patient confidentiality. Every stage of your evidence’s journey is tracked and logged, and accessible to you in near-real time through our convenient web portal. Our cold chain management and logistics services allow you full chain of custody and control of your evidence at all times.

Temperature Controlled Shipping

After determining your specific evidence storage requirements, LegalSafe will send you a complete, customized kit of all the materials— box, padding, label— needed to securely pack and ship your evidence. If your evidence is stored at a hospital, the LegalSafe team will contact them directly to coordinate shipping logistics.

LegalSafe maintains its own dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks that can transport your evidence from anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Chain of Custody

Our Chain of Custody Services merge technical expertise with legal knowledge. From pick up to delivery, every stage of your evidence’s journey is tracked and logged all court-ordered protocols. Once evidence is delivered to the LegalSafe facility, the samples are received in to the system and photographed. Evidence is then placed in the applicable chambers for extremely accurate storage conditions. All logged temperature journey data is entered into the system. The logs and photos of your evidence are easily downloaded through our convenient web portal.

HIPPA Compliance

We provide strict client/patient confidentiality and full HIPPA Compliance.